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We manufacture special toothed wheels (gears) according to customer special requirements. The straight gear is the most basic and known first gear type used in many industries. These gears are designed to transmit motion and power between the parallel shafts.
According to working conditions we can manufacture them from;
* Steel
* Plastic
* Aluminum
* Bronze
* Casting

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Based on the projected technical drawing of a designed workpiece in accordance with the standards, we can remove the metal sawdust of different shapes and sizes and give the desired geometric shape. We do this shaping through appropriate tools and benches.



While the workpiece is rotating on the mirror axis, the cutting tool is moved to the desired geometry by removing the metal sawdust during the relative movement of the cutting tool in the form of advancing and passing. The machines used in doing this are CNC lathes and universal lathes workbenches in accordance with the geometry of the workpiece.



Milling is similar to turning but there is an important difference. When the workpiece is held constant at the milling machine, the tools are made to move by turning and the metal sawdust is removed. In this way, we can obtain the geometry (such as grooving) that we can not get on the lathe by milling technology. The machines used to do this are 3-axis, 4-axis or 5-axis CNC Vertical Machining Centers and Universal Milling machines in accordance with the workpiece geometry.

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CNC Lathe, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, Universal Turning and Milling Machines, CNC and Manual Gear Hobbers, Pipe Cutting Machines, Rubbing, Saw, Drill, Abrasive and Welding Machines are the machines that constitute the substructure of our production technologies.



We can also provide other processes such as laser or plasma cutting, bending, sheet pressing and product complementary processes such as heat treatment and coating, from production technologies other than machining according to the demands and needs of our customers.

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